Welcome to NWKRTC

NWKRTC has initiated computerization work in the year 1997 only. All the Divisional Offices, Depots and Central Offices are computerized. All the depots and divisional offices are provided with broad band internet connection. All 46 depots are implemented with Depot Computerisation System (DCS) software and Electronic Ticketing Machines.  The machines are user friendly and easy to handle and easy to operate. Accounts related reports and MIS related reports are being generated at depots using DCS software. Mechanical Section of the depots are being implemented with mechanical module software.

All the divisional offices, Central Offices are also being computerized and are provided with LAN facility. The following softwares are being used at the divisional offices, Regional Workshop and Central Offices.

  • Pay-Roll Software
  • Default Software
  • Profit plus Accounting Package.
  • Vehicle Depreciation Software
  • Store Inventory Software

AWATAR (Any Where Any Time Advance bus Reservation System) has been introduced in all the major bus stands. Soon it will be extended to the all the taluk head quarters.

NWKRTC has introduced an unique computerized objective Drivers Trade Testing system , bringing transparency in selection of drivers, totally eliminating human error in awarding marks.

Future Projects:

  • E- Governance
  • Computerization of Regional and Divisional Workshops
  • Computerization of Mechanical and Stores department at depots