The IT activities of the Corporation are managed by the Systems Department. The department is headed by Chief Systems Manager, assisted by Systems Manager, Assistant System Manager, System Supervisors and software engineers. The development and maintenance of application software, hardware requirements, website maintenance etc are carried out through the department. Further in divisions Assistant / Statistical Officers are nominated as nodal officers, assisted by Software Engineers, to manage the IT activities at Division level.

All the divisional offices, Central Offices are also being computerized. The following software’s are being used at the divisional offices, Regional Workshop and Central Offices.

  1. Depot Computerization System (DCS)
  2. Payroll.
  3. Provident Fund Ledger and PF slip Software
  4. Vehicle Depreciation Software
  5. Online Smart Leave Application software (LMS).
  6. Seva Spandana software.
  7. Seniority based duty allocation through counseling (Duty Rota).
  8. Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance Monitoring System.
  9. Letter and File Tracking System (Less Paper Office).
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