The NWKRTC is extended various kinds of Labour Welfare facilities for its employees :

  • Provided well equipped Dispensary at Hubli and Part Time Medical Officer service at all Depots.
  • Medical Advances for Major diseases like cancer/heart/Brain disorders/Kidney operations etc.
  • Recognized best private Hospital in Karnataka.
  • De-addiction program for Alcohol addicted employees.
  • Subsidy on loan amount for construction of house/purchase of readymade House.
  • Education Award scheme.
  • Incentives on the basis of performance.
  • Crew rest rooms are provided at depots.
  • Periodical Grievances meetings conducted at depots and Divisional offices.
  • Internal Group Life Insurance Scheme
  • Ex-gratia towards funeral expenses of employees for who dies during the period of service.
  • Festival advance of Rs.2000/-paid once in a year.
  • Silver and Gold Medal Awards for accident free drivers.
  • Meritorious and Best KMPL awards.
  • Lady employees committee is formed for re-addressal of lady   employees Grievances
  • Accident on duty facilities.
  • Incentive for Family planning.
  • Sports and Cultural Activities.
  • Industrials Truce Pass /L.T.C. facilities.
  • Retirement/Terminal benefits.
  • Compassionate appointments.
  • Legal Aids.
  • Family pension scheme.
  • Maternity Leave facilities.
  • Co-operative Canteen facilities. 
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